Intellectual Property Law Buzz

July 2, 2012

MGM Knocks Out Raging Bull II

Metro Goldwyn Meyers Studios filed a very unusual lawsuit recently attempting to halt the release of Raging Bull II, a sequel of the critically acclaimed Raging Bull film, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert DeNiro.  Incidentally, Robert DeNiro won an Oscar for his performance in the film.  This lawsuit […]

June 29, 2012

Nike to Fend Trademark Case in the Supreme Court

On Monday the United States Supreme Court granted certiorari to a case involving a Nike shoe design trademark which should perk up the ears of trademark owners and lawyers alike.  In early 2010, only a few months after Nike sued another shoe manufacturer for trademark infringement, it “abruptly” dropped the case and […]

May 24, 2012


Keep an eye on Aereo Aereo is one of several startups that pioneered the concept of streaming TV over the Internet and making it viewable on every available gadget, including smart phones, tablets, and even good old computers. However, Aereo and other similar services never bothered to request licenses or […]

May 1, 2012

Grammy Awards

Grammy Awards Slim Down Controversy This year the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (The Recording Academy) granted far fewer Grammy Awards than those awarded in previous years. The 54th annual Grammy Awards were reduced and consolidated from 109 to 78 awards within their respective core genres of R&B, […]

April 3, 2012

Gagosian Gallery Legal Troubles

Gagosian Gallery’s Legal Troubles Gagosian Gallery e-mails reveal the “behind the scenes” of the litigated sale of Girl in Mirror. ( Recently, the embattled Gagosian Gallery suffered another legal setback. New e-mails have come to light, suggesting that in his negotiations to sell a painting, Larry Gagosian, the owner of […]