• Make smart-in-the-long-term movesMake smart moves in your business to realize the full potential of your vision.
  • Be ready when success arrivesBe ready to scale your business when you are successful.
  • Negotiate at arms lengthGet the attention your work deserves.
  • Protect your workProtect your work so you alone reap its rewards.
  • Collaborate effectivelyPlan ahead for successful partnership and collaboration.

Miteva Law PC

Miteva Law prides itself in being a new generation law firm, taking advantage of all available technologies and resources to provide cost-effective services to its clients. Proficient legal services espousing efficiency and cost-minimization are some of Miteva Law's primary objectives.

Outside General Counsel

Miteva Law provides general counsel legal services for small, growing, and start-up businesses at a flexible fee structure. This innovative and cost-effective model ensures high quality, on-demand legal services coupled with establishing a long-term relationship with the same lawyer.

Intellectual Property

Trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets are some of the most valuable assets of small businesses. Among other services, Miteva Law provides intellectual property registration, licensing, enforcement and guidance for structuring clients' operations to best protect corporate assets.