There is no professional in more need of legal help than the entrepreneur, individual inventor, author, or creator. Time and again new businesses, film makers, musicians, visual artist and small business owners’ dreams and and creative visions end-up in lengthy litigation or become victim of untimely planning or inadequate representation. Retaining counsel is important not only for properly setting up your business or project with the most optimal corporate and ownership structures and contractual relationships, but also for timely anticipating scaling of the business and changes in operations.

Miteva Law focuses on working with small to medium sized businesses and start-ups and it provides all legal services related to structuring your business, protecting your personal and intellectual property assets and properly establishing contractual relationships with your partners, vendors, consultants or employees.

The Miteva Law Philosophy

Miteva Law is a new generation law firm customizing its services to each client’s needs and translating technological, structural and organizational efficiencies into client savings.

Miteva Law offers hourly, flexible, or flat fee-rates as well as un-bundled legal services, which allows clients to take advantage of on-demand, limited in scope legal services. This includes transcriptional representation, legal opinions, as well as informal consultations addressing narrow legal questions.

There are two times in a man’s life when he should not speculate: when he can’t afford it, and when he can.
- Mark Twain